Despite Energy Summit, the Future of Solar Self-Suppliers is Uncertain

02.04.2014 | The solar industry expresses disappointment at the results of yesterday’s round of negotiations between Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and the Minister-Presidents of the Länder ... more

Federal Cabinet plans to penalize solar power producers

30.01.2014 | Solar industry calls for follow-up improvements in EEG reform and abandonment of planned levy on direct consumed green electricity in industry and SME business sectors ... more

First project of the Photovoltaics Innovation Alliance

14.01.2014 | TÜV confirms world record of 306 watts for 60-cell format from 2nd generation PERC pilot production / Performance guarantee of modules increases to 30 years / Research team achieves significant reduction of photovoltaic power costs by increasing module output and improving module quality ... more

Solar houses best for the climate

05.11.2013 | Solar heating delivers up to 67 per cent greater CO2 savings that maximum insulation / BSW-Solar calls for heating concepts with high solar thermal coverage to be included in efficiency promotion ... more


15.10.2013 | Around 70% of increase in EEG surcharge caused by stock exchange effects and industrial privileges / Share of new solar power systems only at 0.08 cent per kilowatt hour / BSW: Pass falling electricity prices at the exchange on to consumers! ... more

Solar industry presents proposals for improved grid integration of PV

20.06.2013 | EU project PV GRID is developing technical solutions for photovoltaic grid integration for 17 European countries / Cost-efficient alternatives to grid expansion ... more

One out of ten in Germany is already producing solar power

19.06.2013 | Around 8.5 million people in Germany are already actively using solar power to generate heat or electricity / Germany is leader in system solutions / Sales abroad playing an increasingly important role ... more

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