Photovoltaic market


Photovoltaic market

German market

Facts and figures about the German PV market

On a global comparison, the German PV market is the largest. Nearly 50 percent of the photovoltaic production technology used globally originates from German machine and installation producers.

Statistic numbers of the German PV market

BSW-Solar: Fact Sheet on Solar Power (4/2014)

Large Collection of Statistic numbers of the German PV industry issued by BSW-Solar.

The Case for Solar

This Flyer, enriched with graphics and editorial information, deals with all important issues regarding photovoltaics and the german "Energiewende".

International Market

Facts and figures about the international PV market

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While in 2010, Germany installed and connected most PV modules to the grid, in 2011 Italy gained leadership. Since in our statistics grid-connected installations are counted, Italy boasts the largest share in 2011. When interpreting the figures, please note that 3.3 Gigawatt were installed under the so called "Salva Alcoa" regulation in 2010 but only connected in 2011. We accounted for the number in 2011. All figures in the graph are shared by national PV associations in the world and put together by BSW-Solar.



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