About us


About us

Targets on a national level

Our vision is for solar energy to become a major pillar of our future energy supply system. Therefore, the operation of solar electric and solar thermal systems needs to become cost-effective as soon as possible.

In order to accomplish this on a national level, favourable support policies for solar thermal system deployment have been put into place by the German Government. For many years, BSW-Solar lobbied for the introduction of a Renewable Energy Heating Act. In January 2009, this Act was finally implemented by the German Government. Of course, BSW-Solar continues to strengthen the ST industry by consulting with the German Government on how to secure sustainable growth in the solar thermal sector.

Targets on an international level

With great commitment, BSW-Solar works on the international level for the improvement of conditions for solar technology deployment worldwide. As solar energy will cover a significant share of global energy consumption in the medium to long-term, global support for the development of new solar markets is a key focus of the international activities of BSW-Solar. The achievement of consistent demand for solar energy worldwide demands the removal of administrative hurdles and market barriers as well as the introduction of suitable support policies in many countries. We co-operate closely with other solar industry associations and other stakeholders around the world to address these issues.


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