The focus of the solar industry has become global and BSW-Solar supports its members in their international success

With about 800 member companies, the German Solar Association (BSW-Solar) is the most important national lobby organisation for Photovoltaics and Solar Thermal in Europe. As the voice of the industry, we have strongly contributed towards creating the world’s leading and most stable market through policy advocacy and campaigns for solar energy. Today the solar market is global, and we actively support our members in their international business endeavours:

Benefits for BSW-Solar members

BSW-Solar is the platform for its members to meet, establish business contacts and exchange ideas in multiple working groups focusing on (international) market and technological developments.

Three working groups explicitly develop strategies, business models and joint projects for markets abroad for rural electrification, grid-connected PV-business and international solar thermal markets.

Our members benefit from:

  • Comprehensive market intelligence from renowned industry specialists, analysts and country experts on market development and support programs
  • Access to our international network of experts
  • Support in business matchmaking and exploration of sales opportunities in target markets
  • Monthly newsletters with information on international tenders and events
  • Free country fact sheets for more than 15 important PV markets
  • Participation at the joint sales and marketing project Special Exhibit Rural Electrification at Intersolar Europe Trade Fair
  • We head the Industries Strategy Group of the German Export Initiative for Renewable Energies of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology leveraging public funding for companies towards their markets
  • Information on and considerable discounts for many international industry events in Germany and abroad

We offer personal consultation on markets, incentive schemes, public support programmes and contacts to sponsoring institutions.

Our European activities

BSW-Solar is recognized by the European Commission and the European Parliament: Via German and European institutions we exert influence on energy regulation, standards, trade, taxes and duties to create a stable and streamlined business environment for solar energy in Europe.

We coordinate our activities closely with our European Umbrella Industry Associations and other national renewable energy associations – all with the aim of speaking with one voice to maximize our lobbying power for solar and other renewable energy technologies.

We successfully lead and execute capacity building projects funded by the European Commission: The projects PV-Legal & PV-Grid have enabled governments in 16 European countries to facilitate the use and integration of solar electricity in Europe and ease business activities for solar companies.

Our global activities

We partner with associations in emerging markets by providing our knowledge and expertise to strengthen their lobby impact and develop their national markets according to global standards.

We provide

policy advice and offer our consultancy services

to foreign governments or foreign national regulatory bodies in numerous countries – all with the aim of building stable and sustainable solar markets.

We develop position papers on international topics such as financing, trade, development, quality, training and education to improve exchange and market opportunities abroad.

We generate and provide project ideas to international funding and research institutions leading to outstanding and high quality projects for solar energy in emerging markets.

We are part of a global network of PV and solar thermal associations, regularly exchanging information and best practices with other national associations on markets, policies and business models.

Success stories of BSW-Solar – We open up international solar markets

  • The PV-Legal Project (2009 – 2012) identified legal and administrative barriers for solar PV in 12 countries of the European Union. Recommendations led to a removal of barriers by reducing or changing more than 60 laws and regulations in several countries. Currently its successor project PV-Grid continues the analysis of PV Legal and additionally focuses on technical aspects related to grid integration of PV.
  • Off-Grid Power Forum (since 2010): At Intersolar Europe this special show highlights the growing market opportunities and technologies for off-grid markets. It is a unique marketing opportunity for specialized companies.
  • Our contributions to programs of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in East Africa and South East Asia provided companies with facilities to showcase their products/services and to establish new business opportunities!

Information regarding membership

More than 800 German and international companies are members of BSW-Solar. If you too are interested in becoming a member, please get in touch with our international team, who will be happy to assist you. For contact details, please see the Contact us page.

Membership brochure

Membership form for companies with an annual turnover below 40m Euros

Membership form for companies with an annual turnover beyond 40m Euros 

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