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Book the new service package for international solar Business, powered by the German Solar Association (BSW-Solar)

Business in the energy transistion is a German Invention. The so-called German "Energiewende" has led to 40 GW of solar PV by 2015, a 33 percent share of renewable electricity and 18 Million square meters of solar thermal. Almost 60 Billion euros have been invested in solar energy between 2010 and 2015 in Germany alone. For more than 30 years now, the German Solar Association (BSW-Solar) has been the major Driver of this development, with a vast experience in political lobbying, in the design of technical framework conditions and in market exploration at national and international level. BSW-Solar has evolved into the most active association for enabling solar Business worldwide, by connecting with institutions, associations and governments and by supplying market intelligence broadly and in depth. Members benefit from the full Service range, but now non-members can also receive the advantages that facilitate international sales and marketing with measurable results. The package price is 2,000 euros/year, but only 500 euros in 2016. It includes full Access to all global solar Tenders and BSW-Solar´s Business matchmaking platform solar-business.com.

Find the solar business guidebook here.

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