International Activities


International Activities

10 international reasons to join BSW-Solar

Secure your company’s success in association with BSW-Solar!

The German Solar Association (BSW-Solar) has been representing the interests of all companies in the solar industry for almost 40 years. With the support of around 800 companies, we have successfully established a stable legal framework for doing business in Germany. The industry’s bright future is founded upon both international commercial aspects, e.g. the export of components and services, and local project development. Our association’s mission is to support its international members in accessing and developing new global markets for solar power.

In all prospective solar markets, BSW-Solar drives the implementation of new business models and the establishment of favorable framework conditions. Alone our international flagship project “PV FINANCING” has helped to identify and describe the most suitable business models for PV after the FIT-era in Europe. BSW-Solar’s investor guidelines and association partnerships have been instrumental in enabling companies to gain access to new markets within developing and emerging solar markets. We provide first-hand information, exclusive networks and consultancy services. We eliminate investment barriers and build partnerships.

Become a member of BSW-Solar and profit from the strongest interest group for the global solar business. There are 10 good reasons to do so:

  • Be reliably informed: We provide access to timely and reliable market information in your relevant export markets. You receive a weekly newsletter with all important PV-related tendering calls around the world. We provide customized consultancy services on markets, incentive systems and funding institutions at home and abroad.
  • Market opening: We provide consultancy to governments in the rollout phase of new legislation and support measures, and promote the reduction of trade barriers, thereby enabling the application of new business models for companies from all around the world.
  • Market development: Joint foreign projects in cooperation with funding institutions (e.g. GIZ, Federal Government, EU Commission) position member companies “top-of-mind” in political and business decision-making circles.
  • Market cultivation: We offer an international network of experts and verified direct contacts for building business relationships in your target market. Our national association partnerships help to make the market more transparent and give you an edge on the ground.
  • BSW products, services and discounts: With our practical guidelines on international business models, as well as our market-specific application support for investors and project developers, we create new opportunities for your sales. Members receive special terms at international industry events and for BSW products.
  • More networking: BSW-Solar members meet in three international working groups, exchange experience and engage the organization’s office in developing export-friendly measures. Focal areas of our work are PV on-grid markets, rural electrification and export of solar thermal products.
  • Better standards for operations abroad: Through our association and government partnerships, we exert effective influence in the design of suitable technical standards for solar energy products and services.
  • More weight: Our active participation in the Renewable Energies Export Initiative helps strengthen the Federal Government’s promotion of foreign trade, prioritize target markets and steer funding into relevant markets.
  • More influence: In close cooperation with the Federal Government, we play an active part in designing funding systems for export, financing instruments as well as foreign policy positions on solar power.
  • Less work, more success: The association makes it easier for its members to find the right markets, business models and local partners. Working together rather than on their own means that BSW-Solar members can focus on their core business and ultimately their company’s success.

BSW-Solar is the number one choice as an international interest group for the solar industry in Germany – for manufacturers, system integrators, project developers, trade, crafts and all solar service providers. Please contact us to find out how you can benefit more from our services. Become a member of BSW-Solar, shorten your lead time for entry into new markets and secure your long-term commercial success.


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