International Activities


International Activities

International Consulting

With the goal of advancing the creation of solar markets worldwide, BSW-Solar shares its expertise and over thirty years of experience in shaping the framework conditions and funding programs for solar markets. BSW-Solar’s consulting and advisory services are in high demand in the context of international and development cooperation. BSW-Solar’s services include the following:

  • Analyses and policy consultancy for decision-makers and other stakeholders on market conditions, policy instruments, incentive mechanisms, the challenges surrounding the transformation of the energy system, the removal of administrative, technical and economic barriers to the expansion of solar power and grid integration, as well as the development of standards and norms
  • Consultancy on market development, business models and on strategies for boosting the demand for solar energy products with a German share of value creation
  • Leadership and support in shaping policy dialogues on the challenges of the Energiewende, Germany’s energy system turnaround
  • Support of local solar industry associations and other institutions and organizations on strategies,

PV Quality: BSW-Solar supports partners in Asia, South Africa and Chile to introduce and improve national quality standards for PV installations. The German "PV Passport", that was developed by BSW-Solar and ZVEH in 2008, serves as a model for similar "as-build reports" in emerging markets all over the world - for example South Africa and Pakistan. You can download the english version of the German PV Passport here (PDF).


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