International Activities


International Activities

International Market Intelligence

BSW-Solar closely follows developments on the international solar markets, and it provides its members with access to information on market developments and policy framework conditions – through direct consultation, processing information and by holding informational events and conferences.

Examples of our work:

Dialogue and informational events on the market potential and applications of photovoltaics in India

On October 24/25, BSW-Solar, together with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), held an informational and dialogue event on the market potential and applications of photovoltaics in India as part of the German government's Deutsch-Indische Energieforum (IGEF).

Experts on India and companies operating in that country presented information on market opportunities for PV on the Indian off/on-grid market, and discussed their experiences, general market strategies and barriers to market access. Concrete business opportunities were identified, in particular in the segment of direct consumption installations for commercial customers. Other areas discussed were the off-grid sector, for example solar-powered water pumps or the PV hybridization of diesel-powered networks.

The aim of the event was to raise awareness among representatives of BMWi, BMU, BMZ, KFW and GIZ for the interests and concerns of German companies in India, and in particular to provide for the small-scale financing facilities of German companies. The proposals that resulted from the discussion were fed into the coalition negotiations of the future German Federal Government.

During the course of the event, BSW-Solar agreed to expand its cooperation with the National Solar Energy Federation of India (NSEFI).

The event program ( and most of the presentations can be downloaded here:


  • BMU, Dr. Martin Schöpe, Indo-German Cooperation in the Photovoltaic Sector:
  • CII Solar, Dr. Sudhir Kapur, Development of Solar Generation in India:
  • BMZ, Dr. Thomas Helfen, Dr. David Tantow. Schwerpunkte der BMZ Kooperation im Bereich Erneuerbare Energien:
  • NSEFI, Pranav R. Mehta. The Indian PV market; Business Potentials for German Companies in the PV Sector:
  • Euler Hermes, Ingor Sufraga, Investitionsabsicherung und Exportkreditgarantien für Indien:
    • KFW Entwicklungsbank, Nicolai Tust, Finanzierung von Solarenergie-Projekten in Indien:


    • Luther Rechtsberatung, Philipp Dietz, Rechtsschutz und Rechtssicherheit bei Investments in Indien:


    • BSW-Solar, Jan Knaack, Auswertung BSW-Solar Mitglieder-Befragung zu Marktaktivitäten und Hindernisse im Indiengeschäft:


    • GIZ-Indien, Hari Natarajan, Opportunities and Challenges for Solar PV Solutions in Rural India:
    • Solar 23, Jürgen Raach, Experience in the Indian off-grid PV market, opportunities and operational barriers along the project development chain:
    • SMA Solar Technology AG, Heiko Stieber, PV-Diesel-Hybrid Systems for Industrial Applications in India Financial and Technical Opportunities:
    • IBC SOLAR AG, Jan-Marc Raitz, The Indian Photovoltaic Large Scale Market at a glance:
    • INTECH, Dr. Hansjörg Vollmer, German Solar Experience on Indian Markets:
    • GIZ, Timon Herzog, Market Potentials and Business Applications for Photovoltaic in India:

Latin American PV Forum at the Intersolar South America Trade Fair, Sao Paulo

With the support of eclareon, BSW- Solar and the Berlin-Brandenburg Energy Network (BEN) organized the very first "Latin American PV Forum" as part of the Intersolar South America trade fair and conference in Brazil (18-20 September 2013).

The one-day forum provided information to over 90 participants on business opportunities and the general situation of solar energy in Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, Uruguay and Argentina, and also informed them about support possibilities from KFW, AHK, GIZ and other partners. BSW-Solar member companies used this opportunity to present their services and products.

The forum was supported by the Latin American representatives of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), the offices of the German International Chamber of Commerce Network (AHKn) and the KFW Brazil.

The forum program ( and presentations ( are available on the Intersolar South America website (

BSW-Solar has intensified its links with the GIZ "Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency" program in Brazil, the "Photovoltaic Sector Group" of ABINEE, the Brazilian electrical Industry Association, and the Instituto IDEAL (Instituto para o Desenvolvimento das Energias Alternativas na América Latina), and has agreed to a cooperation on further market development.


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