International Activities


International Activities

New Business Models for PV

Due to continuing decreases in electricity production costs, as well as increasing deregulation for energy producers and rising electricity prices in many international export markets, the sales and marketing of solar power represents an interesting new field of business. Many domestic electricity customers, in particularly commercial and industrial consumers, are confronted with unpredictable electricity price increases, high levels of network instability as well as high maintenance costs for diesel generators. These consumers are increasingly shifting their orientation and looking for solutions to facilitate direct consumption and attain planning security – both in terms of energy production and for economic reasons.

In particular large-scale consumers are looking for partners from the highly-recognized German solar industry with its high quality products and "new" services: Some of the keywords that are increasingly heard are ESCO (Energy Service Company), bilateral power purchase agreements, prepaid and leasing. Apart from the classical EPC (Engineering-Procurement-Construction), consumers are specifically seeking operating models that allow them to receive their electricity from third parties, using classical contracting principles.

BSW-Solar promotes the development of new marketing models for solar power in international markets, and provides the corresponding services for its member companies. The main objective is to prepare the companies in the German solar industry for the step into new markets, which require not only the sales of installations and system components, but increasingly the implementation of new marketing models for solar power. At the same time, BSW-Solar is fully committed, through cooperation with German funding institutions such as the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) or development banks like the KfW, to ensuring that German companies receive target oriented and dedicated support in their export activities. Increasingly, this includes the topic of business models and new business.

PV Investor Guide “New business models for photovoltaics in international markets”

This guideline provides a comprehensive overview and introduction into different business models for solar PV projects in international markets. The different implementation concepts are illustrated by various examples, graphs and tables. The authors calculate the economic feasibility of different business models, including sensitivity analyses for different policy options. Furthermore, the guideline includes information on market potential, market structures, stakeholders and application segments.

PV business models that are covered by the investor guide are among others: PV-hybrid Mini Grid for off-grid applications, PV self-consumption for commercial and industrial applications, Net-metering for residential and commercial applications, Leasing solutions for self-consumption and net-metering projects and Direct sale of PV electricity (PPA) for commercial and industrial applications.

The guide addresses investors from commerce and trade, industrial and building sector as well as banks, private and institutional investors, PV project developer, installers, building owner and electricity supplier, local utilities and energy cooperatives.

Furthermore policy makers or regulators will get an in depth inside in relevant business models and beneficial frameworks for PV investors.

The PV Investor Guide was realised in cooperation with Intersolar Europe.

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