International Activities


International Activities

Political Dialogue

The federal government and governmental organizations play a crucial role in expanding the use of solar energy and high quality technologies around the world. BSW-Solar is an acknowledged and trusted dialogue partner when it comes to discussing the design and implementation of governmental strategies, approaches, programs and activities related to solar energy. BSW-Solar has established working relations for consultation and information exchange with the following institutions:

The Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology (BMWi) e.g. on export promotion and bilateral energy partnerships

  • BSW-Solar heads the Industries Strategy Group of the German Export Initiative for Renewable Energies of the BMWi, leveraging public funding for companies towards their markets. (
  • BSW-Solar promotes free trade and exchange of goods and services on a fair, competitive basis. Monetary and non-monetary tariffs and barriers such as country-specific technical requirements, import quotas or tests, and especially local content requirements, create artificial barriers to trade. This effectively inhibits the exchange of the most efficient solar technologies and increases the cost of those technologies. This is why BSW-Solar, in close dialogue with other renewable energy associations, has positioned itself as defender of free trade and exchange and is working to build a common position between the industry and the BMWi, the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology.

The Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) e.g. on political dialogues and programs for the international adoption of climate-friendly energy production.

The Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) e.g. on involving the German Solar Industry in Governmental Development Cooperation

  • BSW-Solar hosts a BMZ liaison officer (EZ-Scout) who advices solar companies and the industry stakeholders on opportunities, instruments and institutions of development cooperation, communicates the solar industry’s needs and ideas to the BMZ and institutionalizes strategic and operational partnerships with implementing organizations such as GIZ and KfW.

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) e.g. on the development of sustainable solar markets worldwide, in developing countries and countries in transition

  • BSW-Solar frequently develops and implements joint events and activities with GIZ (link to India event)

The KfW Entwicklungsbank (KfW Development Bank), e.g. on financing for sustainable private-sector solar projects in developing countries

  • BSW-Solar was involved in editing the “KfW-Toolbox for sustainable procurement”, a guideline for development banks to ensure quality and a long life cycle e.g. of solar energy plants and equipment.

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