Gabriel and Zypries open the third Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue

20.03.2017 | 3rd international Conference on "Energiewende" topics in Berlin ... more

La Asociació n Solar Alemana inicia el proyecto Solar Payback en México

15.02.2017 | BSW-Solar kicks off Solar Payback Project in Mexico ... more

Eclipse is over – Demand is on the rise

02.02.2017 | End-of-year sprint boosts 2016 German PV market to previous year’s level / Mood in the solar industry is increasingly bright / German Solar Association foresees expanding domestic market for the first time since 2012 ... more

Photovoltaic milestone: 300 gigawatts of global installed PV capacity

26.01.2017 | 300 GWp of global installed photovoltaic capacity / Photovoltaic expansion is booming due to low prices / Solar power is already profitable without financial support in over 30 countries ... more

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