La Asociació n Solar Alemana inicia el proyecto Solar Payback en México

15.02.2017 | BSW-Solar kicks off Solar Payback Project in Mexico ... more

Eclipse is over – Demand is on the rise

02.02.2017 | End-of-year sprint boosts 2016 German PV market to previous year’s level / Mood in the solar industry is increasingly bright / German Solar Association foresees expanding domestic market for the first time since 2012 ... more

Photovoltaic milestone: 300 gigawatts of global installed PV capacity

26.01.2017 | 300 GWp of global installed photovoltaic capacity / Photovoltaic expansion is booming due to low prices / Solar power is already profitable without financial support in over 30 countries ... more

BSW-Solar expands its international services

14.07.2016 | The international network of German Solar Association is expanding / New platform for business between member companies and partner associations / BSW-Solar on the board of the new Global Solar Council ... more

Booming solar market in Iran

29.06.2016 | Iran is a booming market for solar energy. This is the conclusion reached at a workshop put on by the German Solar Association at Intersolar in Munich last Friday. The workshop was conducted in collaboration with the Iran Wind Group, the consultancy Roland Berger and eclareon. Coinciding with the end of sanctions against Iran, the association published a comprehensive report last year on the photovoltaic industry in Iran. ... more

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