1 Million Homes Are Harvesting Solar Power

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Demand for photovoltaics in Germany back on a clear path to growth / Price slump pushes global photovoltaic market to over 100 gigawatts / Forsa survey: Three quarters of automobile drivers in Germany want greater expansion of solar power for electromobility

In the coming days, the one-millionth solar power plant in the area of owner-occupied homes will go onto operation in Germany. Every second new private photovoltaic system is already equipped with a PV storage unit, and by now a majority of German automobile drivers support a greater expansion of solar energy to power electric vehicles. This information was released today by the German Solar Association (BSW-Solar), at the start of the exhibition Intersolar Europe, which, together with partner exhibitions for storage technology, electromobility and intelligent energy consumption taking place under the umbrella brand "The smarter E Europe," will draw more than 50,000 trade visitors from around the world to Munich (see press graphic

As BSW Executive Director Carsten Körnig explained at the press conference marking the opening of the exhibition, “More and more citizens, companies and investors are excited about the prospects of using solar power. Thanks to digitalization and innovative hardware, solar power is increasingly making inroads into the areas of mobility and heating. This means there could still be a chance of reaching climate protection targets in the medium to long range after all. Following the nuclear phase-out, what is now needed to achieve the phase-out of coal-fired power generation within the next 10 to 20 years is a significant acceleration of the expansion of renewable energies, as well as of storage technology, grid and charging infrastructures. In its coalition agreement, the German government committed to this goal. After 100 days, it is now time for the government to follow the announcements with actions, and to finally remove existing market barriers.”

By now photovoltaics are one of the most inexpensive forms of energy. “Not only is solar power a worthwhile investment both for private citizens and companies alike,” according to Körnig, “it also pays off on a larger societal scale.” That is why global photovoltaic demand continues to grow. The 100-gigawatt breakthrough, which was originally predicted for the year 2020, will already be reached in 2018, according to current BSW forecasts. BSW expects a PV growth rate of around 2.5 gigawatts for Germany, which would correspond to a market growth of approximately 50 percent.

Strong photovoltaic growth is also essential if the energy transition is to pick up speed in the transport sector. The electromobility industry, which in Munich has found a home in the Power2Drive exhibition, can only contribute to climate protection targets if vehicles are powered by clean electricity. According to a recent Forsa survey commissioned by BSW-Solar, the overwhelming majority of automobile drivers agrees. 73 percent of surveyed drivers in Germany are of the opinion that the expansion of solar power should be accelerated so that in the future, electric vehicles can run on environmentally friendly green electricity. 90 percent of drivers would, if prices were equal, prefer charging an electric car with electricity generated by solar power and other renewable energy sources. Almost nobody (1 percent) would charge their car with electricity generated by nuclear power or coal.

The smarter E Europe
In addition to Intersolar Europe, the world’s leading exhibition on solar power, and the well established exhibition on storage technologies ees Europe, this year for the first time there will be the electromobility exhibition Power2Drive Europe and the new exhibition of intelligent energy use in industry and buildings EM-Power taking place under the umbrella brand “The smarter E Europe.” The smarter E Europe takes a comprehensive approach to topics of energy generation, storage, distribution and use as well as their intelligent and combined interplay. It brings together international stakeholders from key markets around the world who are active on the cutting edge of the energy sector. The German Solar Association is the exclusive partner of the exhibition.

Forsa survey
Within the framework of the study, a total of 1,011 randomly chosen automobile drivers over the age of 18  from the Federal Republic of Germany were queried. The study was carried out from June 5 to 11, 2018 by way of computer-aided telephone interviews. (Analysis)

Current statistics on solar power and storage systems
Currently in Germany, nearly 1.7 million solar power installations cover some 7 percent of the German electricity consumption. Around 1 million photovoltaic systems are installed on owner-occupied homes.
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