Car drivers want to fill up on solar power

By: BSW-Solar

Forsa study commissioned by BSW-Solar / 90 percent of drivers would choose solar power / Charging station infrastructure is key to the success of electromobility

73 percent of German automobile drivers support expanding solar power to be able to operate electric vehicles with environmentally friendly green electricity. That is the central finding of a representative survey carried out by the polling institute Forsa on behalf of the German Solar Association (BSW-Solar). "The overall success of electromobility and its mission as a whole will depend on a greater expansion of solar power and the charging infrastructure," according to Carsten Körnig, Executive Director of BSW. The survey finds that 90 percent of drivers who would in general consider buying an electric vehicle would prefer to charge their car with solar power. Only 8 percent of automobile drivers wouldn’t care what kind of electricity they use to charge their vehicle.

The survey also found that by now, four out of ten drivers would consider buying an electric vehicle. Drivers who are still unconvinced about electric vehicles cite concerns such as their low range, the lack of a comprehensive charging network and the high purchase price as critical factors behind their skepticism. The majority of drivers surveyed (66 percent) consider funding programs for a comprehensive charging infrastructure to be a particularly appropriate measure to promote electromobility. Nearly every second driver considers purchase incentives and tax rebates for electric vehicles (55 percent), or the rapid switch of public vehicles to electromobility concepts (52 percent), to be appropriate policy measures in promoting electromobility.

Creating synergies between photovoltaic systems, solar charging stations and electromobility - this is the focus of the new trade exhibition Power2Drive Europe, the platform for the energy transition in the transport sector. Power2Drive Europe will take place in Munich from June 20 - 22 2018 under the umbrella of "The smarter E Europe", along with the energy exhibitions Intersolar Europe, ees Europe und EM-Power.

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