On a growth track: Optimistic solar industry meets in Munich

By: BSW-Solar

Solar power on a growth track / Solar industry business climate index at an all-time high / Solar power, storage and electromobility exhibitions begin in Munich / Survey: Every second homeowner wants solar power from their rooftop, every fourth wants their own charging station / Industry expects an increase in solar power expansion targets / Four million photovoltaic installations for electricity and heat generation already in operation in Germany

Ahead of The Smarter E Europe solar power exhibitions  taking place in Munich, which will feature over 1300 exhibitors, the German Solar Association (BSW-Solar) is looking to the future with optimism. “Growing markets, new technologies and a much greater awareness of the priorities of climate protection are giving the industry a major confidence boost,” says Carsten Körnig, Executive Director of BSW. “The business climate is currently at an all-time high, and revenue and employment figures are up. For this year, we are expecting growth rates in the double-digit range.”

From a climate policy standpoint, it will be necessary to significantly increase the share of solar power in the electricity, heating and transport sectors in the coming years . Körnig: “We are expecting to see statutory establishment of significantly higher expansion targets in the near future, as well as the removal of outdated market barriers. Solar power installations are among the most crucial climate protection technologies. In some market segments, we are starting to see photovoltaics now on the verge of becoming independent from government support. When it comes to building new power plant capacities, photovoltaics are currently unbeatable in terms of the pace of expansion and the price-performance ratio.”
Every second homeowner wants to have solar power supplied from their rooftop, while every fourth wants their own charging station at home. This was part of the findings of a representative survey conducted by the polling institute Yougov and commissioned by the German Solar Association (see press graphic).

In recent years, the solar industry has successfully opened up new business sectors. This is evident in the focus of the four energy exhibitions Intersolar Europe, ees Europe, Power2Drive and EM-Power, which are taking place under the umbrella of the energy exhibition The Smarter E Europe. The exhibitions cover the entire spectrum of solar power business models, from solar power generation to storage technology to intelligent power applications for mobility and energy supply for buildings. “The products being offered for energy management, for example to enable the flexible interplay of energy producers and energy consumers, are also becoming increasingly intelligent and more numerous,” according to Körnig.

Photovoltaic and storage technology is affordable and can be utilized flexibly and demand-based – for residential, industrial and commercial electricity supply, as well as for the charging of electric vehicles. “Modern buildings are solar buildings: On the rooftops they have a photovoltaic installation, in the basement a solar storage unit, and in the driveway there is a solar charging station to power the electric car with self-generated electricity,” according to Körnig. In Germany, four million solar power systems for generating electricity or heat and over 130,000 solar storage units are in operation.

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