Prices for solar power storage fall by half

By: BSW Solar

Solar power storage is becoming increasingly attractive

Prices for solar power storage systems have again fallen significantly, according to the latest storage price monitor, published by the German Solar Association (BSW-Solar) together with Intersolar Europe. Small storage systems with a nominal capacity of up to 10 kilowatt hours cost around 40 percent less than four years ago, while larger storage units with a nominal capacity of up to 30 kilowatt hours are even more than 50 percent cheaper than they were four years ago.

“Solar storage technology makes operators of PV systems more independent and allows them to utilize inexpensive solar power from their own photovoltaic system even after the sun goes down,” explains Carsten Körnig, Chief Executive Officer of BSW-Solar. “This new drop in prices means that solar power storage is becoming increasingly attractive from an economic point of view. As a result, demand for solar power storage systems will continue to grow. Already today, every second solar power system in the residential sector is installed together with a storage unit.”

According to figures published by BSW-Solar, which also represents the interests of leading storage system providers, around 60,000 solar storage units are now in operation in Germany. Last year alone saw the installation of 20,000 new storage units. The storage providers represented under BSW-Solar expect a further increase in demand. BSW forecasts that within the next two years, the total number of installed storage units will increase to 100,000, twice what it was in 2016.

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