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Generating, storing and consuming Solar Power on site

The research project PVP4GRID, funded by the European Union, examined conditions in eight European countries under which solar power can be generated, stored and consumed on site. Now the guidelines, containing background information on legal, technical and economic framework conditions, as well as practical examples, are available for download free of charge.

The legislative package CE4AE (Clean Energy for all Europeans), passed at the end of last year, now gives all EU citizens the right for the first time to produce and consume their own electricity. "Photovoltaic prosuming can lower the energy costs of participants, provide relief to the electricity grids and reduce greenhouse gas emissions," says Carsten Körnig, Managing Director of BSW-Solar, who coordinates the PVP4GRID project.

Under favorable conditions, prosumers could cover nearly half of the entire electricity demand of the EU in the year 2050. In order to be able to attain this goal, however, Member States must first quickly implement the CE4AE legislative package into national law.

The eight guidelines published in the respective language, as well as an English summary of the situation in all eight countries, are available at

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