National Activities


National Activities

BSW-Solar in political dialogue

BSW-Solar systematically lobbies for investment security and the creation of appropriate market incentive programmes as well as pushing for consensus among all political and social factions with respect to the expansion of solar energy markets. Every day, competent and committed representatives of the association actively pursue these interests in parliament and with governmental ministries and other relevant bodies in Berlin and Germany.

No energy revolution without lobbying

Past experience has shown that innovative technologies require dedicated associations and unanimous political support in order to achieve sustainable growth. Today, due to the current favourable framework conditions, solar energy is already an attractive choice for German consumers. However, support schemes for solar energy will need widespread (national and international) advocacy - at least until the next decade. This is a precondition for replacing dwindling fossil energy sources with renewable energy sources in the coming years and decades. The establishment of appropriate instruments for the broad global market introduction of renewable energies with support from all political parties is as one of the most significant challenges.

Representation of common interests

In the near future, the solar industry must devote itself even more to obtaining widespread political support and representing common interests as a unified sector. Lobbying efforts can only have a lasting impact if they are supported by the entire industry. For this reason, and in the interest of the entire sector, we offer membership of BSW-Solar. With no prudent support frameworks, there will be no basis for investment and growth in the industry. Our promise to BSW-Solar members is to dedicate ourselves to the expansion of solar energy and to the greatest possible optimisation of the business environment. This will enable us to guarantee the future of photovoltaic and solar thermal energy - even in the face of future administrative changes.


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