National Activities


National Activities

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BSW-Solar is a partner to many national projects. A selection of these projects can be found here.

Strategy and Measures of the Solar Heating Industry for Accelerated Market Growth to 2030

The "Solar Heating Roadmap" of the German Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar) describes strategies and measures for the solar heating industry to enhance market growth up to the year 2030. The condensed English version outlines the main findings of the long term strategy, published in German. Starting from the technological state of the art and the current economic environment, the Solar Heating Roadmap develops three different scenarios and sets 14 industry targets for the German Solar Thermal Heat Industry. It discusses strategic positioning options and provides recommendations for industry players as well as policy makers to further technology development, price reduction and technology application in different industry levels.

The Solar Heating Roadmap has been published by the German Solar Industry Association. It has been developed by BSW-Solar, the research and consulting company Technomar GmbH, the research Institute for Thermodynamics and Heat Technology of the University of Stuttgart as well as the market research company co2online gGmbH. It could be realized due to the support of numerous industry sponsors. Special sponsorship was provided by the Intersolar Europe GmbH. It was co-funded by the Ministry for the Environment of Federal Republic of Germany.

The short version is also available in english: Download (PDF)

Woche der Sonne (Week of the sun)

Every year, BSW-Solar organises the "Week of the Sun" in an effort to draw public attention to environmentally friendly solar energy at the beginning of the summer season. In 2012, participants launched around 5,000 events across Germany to demonstrate the potential of a solar-based energy supply and to inform the public about the use of solar energy. From 2008 on, the campaign expanded to a European level, with over 13 countries participating in a Europe-wide campaign called the "European Solar Days".


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