National Activities


National Activities

Technical department

Together with its members, BSW-Solar promotes constant progress in technology advancements in the PV and ST industries. In both industries, BSW-Solar enjoys the benefit of great expertise and is therefore able to support the development of future technological trends. Using its position as an arbitrator and its communication tools, BSW-Solar synergises the different perspectives and technical interests of the PV and ST industry.

Technology transfer

In projects such as GROSOL and SOLARGE, the association together with the project partners analyses new market segments for the ST industry and provides marketing tools for its members. Research findings from these projects and co-operations are continuously distributed through all of the internal communication channels. Externally, BSW-Solar shares information on scientific platforms such as the "Deutsche Solarthermie-Technologieplattform (DSTTP)" and the "European Solar Thermal Technology Platform (ESTTP)". Thus, BSW-Solar is developing a long-term, sustainable strategy, in collaboration with governmental and industry bodies alike, to establish a research promotion system within Germany and the EU.

Quality assurance

Since 2009, installers of PV systems can issue their customers with a PV passport to document the quality of any PV installation. The PV passport was established by the German Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar) and the German Association of Electrical and IT installation enterprises (ZVEH), with the support of TÜV Rheinland, in order to set a minimum installation standard for PV systems in Germany.

The PV passport will standardise installation processes and ensure customers that all of the important technical requirements have been met and that their PV systems operate correctly. The PV passport is a voluntary service from the installer, which serves as a guideline to both the installer and the customer on how to secure a high standard of PV system operation. Hence, the PV passport increases trust between the customer and the vendor of the PV system. It also supports the documentation process and ensures transparency in the case of disputes between the parties involved.


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