50,000 new jobs through photovoltaics and storage technology

05.12.2019 | Recent study by Bonn market researchers: Expansion of photovoltaic and storage technology could triple the number of jobs. Rapid removal of PV market barriers in the EEG as well as release of brakes on expansion necessary to close the climate protection gap and avoid shortfalls in power generation as a result of nuclear and coal phaseout. ... more

Market researchers warn: without massive photovoltaic expansion electricity shortfalls are impending

13.09.2019 | As a result of the planned nuclear and coal phase-out, the threat of an “electricity shortfall” is impending in just a few years, warn market researchers. Only if photovoltaic systems are significantly expanded from 2020 onwards and are flanked by sufficient storage capacity, will the security of supply and climate protection be equally guaranteed. This emerges from the first results of a study by the market and economic research company EuPD Research. In the renewable energies sector, with the exception of photovoltaics, there is no technology available that can be expanded in large quantities in the short term. As a rule, hurdles for long-term approval and grid connection procedures, such as in the wind sector, do not exist for solar systems. ... more

Prosuming Guide published

21.08.2019 | Generating, storing and consuming Solar Power on site ... more

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"The technical department of BSW-Solar has become an important point of contact for us, providing competent support in particular in the areas of 'construction products' and 'technical approval' of the DIBT (German Institute for Construction Technology), which are of key importance for the solar industry."

Helmut Remmels

Helmut Remmels,
Head of Production Management, alwitra Flat Roof and Photovoltaic Systems

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