Special: Intersolar Europe


Special: Intersolar Europe

Off-Grid Conference 2018: Programm

Foto: Solar Promotion GmbH

Auch in diesem Jahr präsentieren wir Ihnen auf der Intersolar Europe und ein informatives Begleitprogramm zu Off-Grid-Anwendungen. Die "Off-Grid Conference 2018" präsentiert an zwei Messetagen komprimiert in fünf thematisch geordneten Sessions aktuelle Trends und Best-Practice Beispiele der netzfernen Stromversorgung in Entwicklungs- und Schwellenländern. Die Veranstaltungsreihe wird in Kooperation mit der Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) durchgeführt.

Hier finden Sie das Programm. Aktueller Stand: 12.06.2018

Mittwoch / Wednesday 20. Juni 2018 (Room B.11)

12:00: Opening Ceremony

  • Moderation: Moderator: David Wedepohl, Managing Director, German Solar Association (BSW-Solar)
  • 12:00: Welcome and Introduction Off-Grid Forum
    David Wedepohl, Managing Director, German Solar Association (BSW-Solar), Germany & Pablo Astorga, Board of Directors, Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE), Belgium
  • 12:10: Keynote speech
    Dr. Tania Rödiger-Vorwerk, Deputy Director General Directorate 31, German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Germany
  • 12:20: Potential of Off-Grid PV Technologies for Rural Electrification in Developing Countries
    Sarah Berendes, Scientific Officer, Reiner Lemoine Institut gGmbH, Germany

12:45 - 14:45: Session 1 - Off-Grid Hybrid PV

  • Moderation: Moderator: Marcus Wiemann, Executive Director, Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE), Belgium
  • 12:45: Let’s make solar work - market activation for PV diesel hybrid systems in Nigeria
    Olivier Drücke, Vice President, Solar23 GmbH, Germany & Christoph Urbschat, Managing Director, eclareon GmbH, Germany
  • 13:05: Reliable Solar Off-Grid Solutions with Lead Batteries
    Dr. Julia Ross, Head of Product Development, BAE Batterien GmbH, Germany
  • 13:25: Overcoming the challenges of Developing nations by using an automated platform for Off Grid Systems
    Muhammad Junaid Qazi, President, Step Robotics, United Kingdom
  • 13:45: Wind +, a steep ahead on small wind turbines
    Juande Bornay, Sales Director, BORNAY AEROGENERADORES SLU, Spain
  • 14:05: Off-grid and weak grid sector in Madagascar: Project opportunities in commercial & industrial Segment
    Ralf Bernhard, Advisor, Project Development Programme (PDP), GIZ GmbH, Germany
  • 14:20: Q&A

15:00 - 17:00: Session 2 - Systems for Islands, Mini- & Micro-Grids

  • Moderation: Moderator: Michael Wollny, Founder and Managing Director, WOLLNY CONSULTING, Germany
  • 15:00: Nigerian Energy Support Programme (NESP) Mini-Grid Opportunities & Promotion Strategies
    Olumide Fatoki, Senior Advisor, Sustainable Energy Access (Off-Grid), GIZ Nigerian Energy Support Programme II, Nigeria
  • 15:20: Experiences with Mini Grids
    Sebastian Seidl, Technical Sales Manager, SMA Sunbelt Energy GmbH, Germany
  • 15:40: Off-grid electrification in Mozambique
    Peter Foerster, Advisor, Project Development Programme (PDP), GIZ GmbH, Germany
  • 16:00: Overview of Mpale solar PV mini-grid in Tanzania, after 1 year of Operation
    Alberto Rodríguez Gómez, Head of Department, Africa Region, Trama TecnoAmbiental, Spain
  • 16:20: 200 Mini-Grids by 2021: What Myanmar’s off-grid market can tell us about global Trends
    Patrick Pawletko, Advisor, Promotion of Rural Electrification (RELEC), GIZ GmbH, Myanmar
  • 16:40: Q&A

18:00: Networking Reception (B2.309)

  • Moderation: David Wedepohl, Managing Director, German Solar Association (BSW-Solar)
  • 18:00: Welcome and opening the reception (BSW-Solar)
    David Wedepohl, Managing Director for International Affairs, German Solar Association (BSW-Solar), Germany
  • 18:05 Welcome note (ARE)
    Marcus Wiemann, Executive Director, Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE), Belgium
  • 18:10: Presentation by the sponsor of the Off-Grid Networking Reception "OutBack Power"
    Brandon Provalenko, Vice President of Commercial Operations - OutBack Power, USA

Donnerstag / Thursday 21. Juni 2018 (Room B.11)

10:30 - 12:30: Session 3 - Stand-Alone Systems & Storage Solutions

  • Moderation: Moderator: Brandon Provalenko, Vice President of Commercial Operations - OutBack Power, USA
  • 10:30: Solartainer - The development Hub
    Jesse Pielke, Sales Manager, Africa GreenTec AG, Germany
  • 10:50: Trojan Solar AGM batteries - The worry free solution for rural electrification
    Santiago Antolin, Technical Sales Engineer, Trojan Battery Company, USA
  • 11:10: Productive Usage of Off-Grid Equipments
    Veerasamy Shanmuganandam, Director - Phocos India, Phocos AG, Germany
  • 11:30: Financing Energy Access & Productive Use in Myanmar
    Matthew Stanley Cullinen, Senior Director, Energy for Prosperity, Pact, Inc., USA
  • 11:50: Developing BoP Energy Markets through Private Sector Engagement
    Mehreen Shoaib, CEO & Hira Wajahat, Head of Projects, Stimulus Pvt. Ltd., Pakistan
  • 12:10: Q&A

13:00 - 15:00: Session 4 - Cross-sectoral systems - Off-Grid Solutions for Industries, Telecommunications and Infrastructure

  • Moderation: David Lecoque, Policy & Business Development Manager, Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE)
  • 13:00: Hybrid Renewable Energy Solutions for Telecommunication: case studies in Kazakhstan
    Alice Nencini, Operations Manager, Windkinetic Off-grid Power Systems, Italy
  • 13:20: Combining short and long term storage to unlock the full potential of decentralised renewable energy production
    Chris Prengels, Founder - CEO, Tiger Power, Belgium
  • 13:40: Remote O&M Tools for Off-Grid Hybrid Systems
    Patrick Cousins, CEO, Infinite Fingers GmbH, Germany
  • 14:00: Integrated hybrid systems for off-grid applications
    Erika Weber, General Manager, Freqcon GmbH, Germany
  • 14:20: Organic Flow Batteries: a key storage technology for off-grid power
    François HUBER, CEO, KEMWATT, France
  • 14:40 Q&A

15:15 - 17:00: Session 5 - Off-Grid for Agriculture - Water & Irrigation

  • Moderation: Jens Jaeger, Policy & Business Development Officer, Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE)
  • 15:15: Modernization of Irrigation Systems in Agriculture and Opportunities for Solar PV
    Parssa Razavi, Managing PartnerIrriport e.K., Iran & Christoph Urbschat, Managing Director, eclareon GmbH, Germany
  • 15:35: PV Off-grid  system for emergency Response
    Moisés Labarquilla, Innovation Manager, GFM Fotovoltaica, Spain
  • 15:55: Solar Irrigation - Can it be Plug-and-Pump?
    Jesper Blankenfeldt, Lead Product Development Engineer, GRUNDFOS Holding, Denmark
  • 16:15: An Overview of Solar Water Pump Deployment Models in India
    Diego Senoner, Technical Expert, Access to Energy in Rural Areas, Indo-German Energy Programme, GIZ GmbH, India
  • 16:35: Q&A

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