The smarter E South America

Energiewirtschaftliche Plattform der Veranstalter von Intersolar Europe & Co. für Südamerika

The global energy industry has been undergoing a radical transformation in recent years. Millions of decentralized renewable energy plants and storage systems as well as consumers acting as “prosumers” will secure the energy supply of the future. Solar and wind energy are becoming key pillars of tomorrow’s energy world. The rise of renewables is bringing about a transition in the structure of our energy supply.

In order for the fluctuating amounts of electricity generated from renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind power to be used efficiently, the electricity, heating, cooling and mobility sectors, which once operated in isolation, will increasingly converge thanks to the use of cogeneration, electrical heating systems, electric mobility hybrid power plants and other technologies. Like innovative energy storage systems, these new solutions mean that energy no longer has to be consumed as soon as it is generated.

This is where The smarter E South America enters, as the most important innovation hub for empowering new energy solutions, dedicating itself to all topics relevant for the industry. The smarter E South America comprises exhibitions, conferences, forums, workshops and other events offering exhibitors, visitors and partners alike a chance to discuss visions and pioneering concepts surrounding the modern energy industry. The platform sets focal points and trends, advances developments and promotes an exchange of ideas between industries.

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